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Beowulf Interview with Nicholas Zacharewicz

In early May 2018 I had a great talk with a translator of the Anglo-Saxon tale of Beowulf on his podcast: Fate Going As It Must.

Nicholas Zacharewicz has produced a truly great addition to the study of the Beowulf manuscript, which I have found to be a source of great insight and power for many years. I encourage you to check out more of his works at his website:

In my first book I wrote a three-part series which examines the tale of Beowulf, specifically focusing on the lessons that we modern men can learn from this mythical monster-slayer. You can read the first of that series at this link.  

You can can listen to the interview here:

Wes thu hael!  

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The Pressure Project Interview Transcript

In the summer of 2016 I was interviewed by Justin “Master Chim” Garcia on his podcast, The Pressure Project. What followed was a fascinating discussion on topics ranging from the value of mythology, the power of symbolism and archetypes, Tribal dynamics, religion, education and a host of other good stuff in between. I have been significantly influenced by the work of Master Chim, and I would earnestly recommend you all to check out his website at You can listen to the full discussion on Youtube at

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