Beowulf Interview with Nicholas Zacharewicz

In early May 2018 I had a great talk with a translator of the Anglo-Saxon tale of Beowulf on his podcast: Fate Going As It Must.

Nicholas Zacharewicz has produced a truly great addition to the study of the Beowulf manuscript, which I have found to be a source of great insight and power for many years. I encourage you to check out more of his works at his website:

In my first book I wrote a three-part series which examines the tale of Beowulf, specifically focusing on the lessons that we modern men can learn from this mythical monster-slayer. You can read the first of that series at this link.  

You can can listen to the interview here:

Wes thu hael!  

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Mythic Dawn Magazine, Issue 1

An article and a poem of mine feature in the first issue of Mythic Dawn magazine, compiled by author Carolyn Emerick.

Mythic Dawn focuses on European myth, history, foltales, and art, and the first issue covers many topics including Merlin, Ostara celebrations, Wayland the Smith, Brigid's holiday, Odin and Jesus's self-becoming, and my own contributions: the mythic origins of the Irish people, and the death of the hero Cuchullain.

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The Pressure Project Interview Transcript

In the summer of 2016 I was interviewed by Justin “Master Chim” Garcia on his podcast, The Pressure Project. What followed was a fascinating discussion on topics ranging from the value of mythology, the power of symbolism and archetypes, Tribal dynamics, religion, education and a host of other good stuff in between. I have been significantly influenced by the work of Master Chim, and I would earnestly recommend you all to check out his website at You can listen to the full discussion on Youtube at

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