This is the author's website of Paul Begadon, who has been a soldier, a mechanic, an engineer, a salesman, a writer, a publisher, and a philosopher. Born in Waterford, Ireland in 1989, he has spent most of his adult life traveling that land and others, absorbing their culture and writing about their history and folklore. He now lives in Dublin.

His first book "Unchaining The Titan: Collected Essays", was published in 2016.

This website is a hub for those who, like the author, prefer to dwell beyond the borders of civilized society.

Like the archetypal Woodkern after whom this website is named, the author and those of his kind find themselves shunning the crumbling bastions of industrialized society and are drawn rather to the wild places where mankind is but another wayfaring beast.

This spirit of the mythic and the wild is reflected in Paul Begadon's written work and his graphic designs.

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